Mining projects

QUBITICA has launched their own ALI (Artifical Linked Intelligence) project.

Our large developer community is looking forward to work on this idea and welcomes every new developer. Necessary prerequisites are experiences and interest in AI solutions. These are combined with practical applications. Qualifications in the blockchain area are only needed for some projects. We do not see QUBITICA as a pure blockchain solutions community anymore and expand our area of ​​interest to the AI. The decentralized structure, made possible by blockchain technology, helps this task in an ideal way.

Currently, the following projects are in the planning or development phase:

  • AliFramework - The technical framework of the Artificial Linked Intelligence (ALI) project.
  • AliMerge - Bundling of AI basic functionalities and building interfaces for marketable products.
  • Aliexchange - Securities trading system based on artificial intelligence. Platform Cloud or Hyperledger.